A Follow-up Message To Our Patients – March 31, 2020


    We wanted to share a brief update of our office.

    We are in the office Tuesday through Friday 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm. We will be returning calls at that time.  We are seeing emergency patients only or those with a condition that will progress significantly without care.

    The offie has been thoroughly cleaned and we are taking all the necessary precautions with everyone who enters the office.

    Your nutritional can be purchased through our online portal at www.metagenicscanada.com

    You can set up an account using the practitioner code: MONICAEDMARK

    We will be contacting all of our patients when regular office hours will resume.

    All the best to you and your family

    Edmark Chiropractic and Wellness Centre

    Dr. Edmark & Ann

    A Special Message To Our Patients – March 17, 2020


    Dear Patient,

    Here at Edmark Chiropractic and Wellness, we are very committed to the health of our patients and our community.  At this challenging time, we want to reach out to assure you that we are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and taking precautionary measures to protect everyone involved.

    As we are sure you have heard and read, these are the standard precautions you should be doing:

      • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer
      • Cough or sneeze into your sleeve or bent elbow
      • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth
      • Avoid contact with people who are sick
      • Stay home if you are sick

    In response to the Ministry of Health and the College of Chiropractors of Ontario, we have made the difficult decision to only see acute pain and emergency patients at this time.  Please call and leave a message.  They will be checked on a regular basis.

    We would ask that if you are sick, have travelled out of country, or are not comfortable coming in right now, that we put your care on hold for the hopefully short time-being.  However, we would highly recommend, as always, that you keep up and even double up on your home care at this time.  These are ways that we can do our part to promote social distancing and flatten the curve in the spread of Coronavirus.

    If you need to reach us, feel free to email us at ann@nulldrmonicaemark.com or call: 905-567-0019.


    Dr. M. Edmark BSc., D.C.


    Edmark Chiropratic and Wellness
    13 Queen Streets S.,
    Mississauga, ON
    L5M 1K2
    Phone: 905-567-0019

    Meet Dr. Monica EdmarkWelcome to the Chiropractic office of Dr. Monica Edmark. As a Chiropractor in Mississauga, she takes pride in being able to help people improve their health.

    Dr. Monica Edmark has been providing her patients with the highest quality in safe, effective Chiropractic care for 20 years. From the Chiropractic treatment of back pain and related problems, to treating various health concerns that can be caused by issues with misalignment of the spine, she understands the importance of a healthy back and spinal column.

    The relationship between your spine and your nervous system is complex. Think of your back as a gateway to your health. It protects the spinal cord, which relays messages from the brain to your entire body. If the spine isn’t in correct alignment, like a hose with a kink in it, those messages can be slowed, or even blocked. This could result in a myriad of ailments, including headaches, lower back pain, constipation and ear aches.

    Whatever your health and wellness objectives are, Dr. Monica Edmark is committed to helping you reach them. Chiropractic care involves a series of visits, so it’s important that you feel comfortable from the beginning. Give us a call today to schedule your first appointment and consultation to learn how Chiropractic care could help you!